The Life and Times of a busy bookseller, her husband and Gordon setter dogs in North Norfolk.

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Born In Essex, UK.
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College - Sussex.
Worked in Cambs.
Now Living in Norfolk.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Norwich book Fair

Jeff is trekking off to Norwich tomorrow - Saturday - to do the book fair there - once again without me. I have to stay at home and 'Poppy sit'. Since the death of her great friend golly, she has been lonely, and until she has a new doggy friend with us, will not be left for any length of time. We are in touch with both gordon setter rescue and English setter rescue, and hope to aquire her and us a new doggy friend - or 2 - soon. Then, when they get along well, and we have people they can be left with for the day, I will be able to once again attend the book fairs too.

Alan Sillitoe

The death of Alan Sillitoe was sadly announced earlier this week, probably best known for his books saturday Night, Sunday morning, and his short story The Lonliness of the Long distance Runner. I was introduced to his writing, when before I went to teachers training college - many moons ago - The Loneliness of the Long distance Runner was on the list of prescribed reading for us before we went. I was impressed with the book, and went on to read more of his works. I believe he was an avid reader as well as writer, reading a wide variety of material.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Weather lovely - and so to work.

We have been waiting for a weekend without rain forecast, to start sorting out our book room, so today is the day.
Stage 1 - take out all the boxes of books that, when they were in the shop, were in the upstairs middle section. Erect the book cases - we brought them with us, then put all the books on shelves. It sounds easy, but I bet it takes us a couple of days to complete. Just as well the sun is shining.

That is just the easy bit. Stage 2 will also require good weather - and for a longer period. The remainder of the boxes of children's books' will need to be taken outside whilst the room is fully shelved. then the books can go on shelves. Hopefully we will be able to do this soon - dependent on the weather.

Volcano causes delay in postage

Due to the volcano in Iceland that has closed down air space over the UK and much of Europe
Royal Mail have announced that it is expected to result in minimal export despatches by air from - Friday 16th April. Royal Mail has implemented plans to despatch mail to most European destinations by road. Airlines are currently accepting mail from Royal Mail for 'Rest of the World' destinations, in expectation of being able to fly as soon as our airports re-open. Temporary delays to International parcels, small packages and Express Mail Service items are likely.

This being so, our overseas customers may experience a slight delay in our mail arrival - sorry.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Golly the Gordon Setter

Our gorgeous Gordon Setter, Golly, died yesterday. Jeff & I are devastated - Golly was a very special dog. He came to us aged 2 - a dog that was terrified of all human beings. With coaxing and love, Golly slowly learned to trust humans, just Jeff & myself at first, but eventually some of our friends too. When Poppy joined us, he followed her lead and learned that new people were not all a threat. When Golly did trust you, he did whole heartedly, and we were rewarded with the most loving and affectionate dog I have ever known. I cannot begin to describe the hole he has left in our hearts.