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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Auctions & Book buying

Busy week this week. I have spent 3 days at Aylsham book buying at the auction. It's a long time since I have been to this particulat auction, and know it to be a good one, but what with so much to do - buying, selling, cataloguing, booksearching, living!, decorating, dogwalking, book fairs, etc etc, I just hadnt got round to it, but when a friend organised me to go - just what I needed, along I trotted - and instantly remembered just what it was I loved about auction rooms. Not only is it all the lolvey books - and oh, I could spend, spend, spend, but its the sense of anticipation - not so much the ovbious - what is listed on the catalogue - obviously there is the anticipation with that - ''will what I have spotted in the catalogue be in the condition I hoped it will be in - and will I be able to get it at an affordable price - how many others will have spotted it' type questions race through your mind - but also the fun of rummaging though boxes to see what it in there, what little treasures you might spot and again wondering who else will spot them too.
Aylsham auctions are well known auctions in the book world and people travel far & wide to go there, so you know that many people will have been to view the books. Lots of bids are left as Commission bids, and many others are telephoned through on the day, but as I hadn't been for such a long time I wanted to attend the viewing and both days as a bit of a treat to myself. It has certainly changed quite a bit since I was last there - which now I think about it, is probably between 10 and 15 years! Time flies. It is much more orgainised now with lovely comfy chairs, and on day 1 we had to sit down, much to my surprise, whilst the bidding was on. There was a nice friendly atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and intend to have it on my calendar as a regular event - if my bank balance can stand it! Much more stock will be listed soon.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Viola Bayley

Just about finished Viola Bayley pages on our Peakirk Books website - . Brief biography and bibliographic details of this popular childrens author. It still needs tidying a little, but the work is now done.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Children's Fairy Tales Artists

Interested in Fairy Tale artists - great article - Imagine the Hobbit illustrated by Maurice Sendak - In The Los Angeles times March 25 2011 - follow me on twitter to see the reference.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Awfully Big Blog Adventure ONLINE Litfest 9/10 July 2011

Don't Miss the Awfully Big Blog Adventure Online Litfest 9-10th July 2011 run on - they hope to have 40 children's authors involved and a great programme of events to offer promoting reading and books. It is free and open to all - and you can come in your pyjamas!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Amazon take over Book depository

Are amazon buying everything in the book world? (Strangely enough they havent made an offer for us - I don't think we are big enough to interest them). However it appears that Book Depository and their 6 million books are - and amazon are welcoming them into their fold. See -

Friday, 1 July 2011


TODAY OUR SALE BEGINS. We are having a big 'July summer Madness' 25% off all our stock sale starting today. Of course it is only available for stock bought on our own site at because we can't afford to take 25% off stock on the other sites where we have to pay so much commission as well - we would then be trading at such a big loss. If you want to take advantage of buying our books at a 25% discount - between July 1st and July 31st 2011, simply go to our own site, and purchase, using the e code MAD007 in the coupon box at the checkout, and you will automatically get the discount. We specialise in children's collectable books, but there are lots of other books there too - 26,000 of them! It's worth a browse.


I wrote a lengthy account about going to the London Book Fair, meeting some customers I had never met in the flesh before - despite having had long e-mail relationships with, (you know who you are Eileen & Parizan) - and the rest of a long and tiring day - and managed to somehow lose the whole lot - except the title - see my last entry. I havent got the heart to write it all over again. Oh well - the life of a bookseller who is not technologically savvy, is an interesting, if exasperating one!