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Monday, 31 May 2010

Book Room - nearly up and running!

Apart from taking pictures of our dogs, we have been working away at getting our book room shelved, and it is largely done. We just need a bit more shelving, and we will have all our childrens books on shelves - which will make life a great deal easier when orders come in. Instead of moving lots of boxes of books, to get at the book ordered, we can just go to the shelf, and, hopefully, just take it off. Heaven after the last 7 months iesince we moved to Norfolk.

We have just got a new camera - our last one broke somehow, and will take a picture of the book room shortly!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Henny comes to stay

People who know us, and followers of our blog, know that we recently lost our beloved dog Golly. He will never be replaced in our hearts. However our other dog Poppy has been very lonely without him. A couple of weeks ago we heard from the brilliant United Gordon Setter Rescue, that they would shortly have a bitch aged four in need of rehoming, and would we be interested in giving her a home. In consultation with Poppy, we decided that yes, we would, and on Sunday we set off to Coventry to pick her up. Another long drive for Jeff, who drove to the Enid Blyton Society day yesterday, near Reading. Sure enough Henny (Henrietta) was waiting, as the three of us arrived to collect her. Poppy had a run around a lovely field at our collection point, and then the 2 of them were introduced. They didn't shower each other with kisses, but did have a sniff of interest, and then both got in the back of the car for the long journey home. I sat on the back seat so I could talk to them on the journey. With a couple of short stops the journey home took over 3 hours, and so we were all relieved to get out in what was to be Henny's new home. She investigated with interest, showing no sign of nerves, then launched into a full scale exploration of the garden (and she hoped escape routes - not knowing Poppy had examined these some time ago, and hopefully we have blocked them all off), and then excitedly a full investigation of the house - both appeared to get her seal of approval. Fortunately there was no sign of antagonism between the 2 dogs, and we are hopeful for a good future. Henny seems quite dominant, but Poppy doesn't appear to mind this, as she gleefully rolls on her back. Unlike Poppy, Henny seems to single mindedly be on the scrounge for food at all times, so we will need to hide all food out of her way.

Unsurprisingly, we got hardly any sleep last night, as Henny decided to bark & howl for almost the whole night. She didn't seem unduly upset or stressed, just wanting our attention. However she was in a new strange place, with people and a dog she doesn't know, so its not surprising she didn't sleep. As with all rescue dogs she comes with some issues, but we will wait and see how she settles in and develops. For now, we seem to have got ourselves a lovely dog (well bitch) companion for Poppy, and only time will show how things pan out. When she is well settled in, we hope to rescue a boy Gordon Setter to balance things up a bit! Much as Jeff may like living in a house of women, I think some male company would be good.

The Enid Blyton Society Day - May 15th 2010

Despite the fact that it was his birthday, Jeff set of on the long journey to Twyford, Near Reading, leaving home at 5.30 am on Saturday morning, and arriving at 8.30 am ready to set up our book stand. His efforts were rewarded in it being a really interesting day (he tells me - I had to Poppy sit as we won't leave our gordon Setter on her own since we lost Golly - see next blog). This was the 17th EB Society day, and was well attended as usual.
Sophie Smallwood & Robert Tyndall gave the first talk - being the author (and also Enid Blyton's grandaughter) & illustrator of the recently published Noddy book - Noddy and the Farmyard Muddle. This was followed by a talk by Susan Sheridan, the voice of Noddy and many other characters in the Cosgrove Hall Noddy TV series, produced for the BBC in the early 1990s.

After a lunch break, the afternoon was spent with some of the boys and girls from the 1978/1979 Famous Five TV series. Needless to say they had changed a little from their Famous Five days.
Marcus Harris, Gary Russell, Julie Davis & Gail Renard watched a full tv episode with their audience, and gave an enthusiastic running commentary on their memories of filming in the New Forest/Dorset - an enjoyable time of their lives. I wish I had been there.

Then after a good day of sales, Jeff packed up and eventually got home about 8.30, giving him a couple of hours to celebrate his birthday with me before falling asleep. His exciting weekend was not yet over - tomorrow he has to get behind the steering wheel again. See the next blog.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Shop

Good news (we hope) the shop has sold again - this time for conversion into a small cottage - as we originally intended. I just hope it goes through this time - after last time, I won't believe it until we exchange contracts!