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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Books - and more books

Off to the Harrogate Childrens & Crime Book Fair tomorrow (Friday). We can get set up on Friday evening ready for the selling day on Saturday - so we won't need to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning. Dog/House sitters have arrived so we will be able to get away promptly tomorrow. Jeff has been busy packing up books whilst I have been doing the orders to get those out before we go.
As we have recently acquired some unusual Jane Shaw items, I have added to our book site a page on Jane Shaw - catagorising her novels by place instead of series, for a change. She seemed to revisit the same places in her different series - no doubt wanting to set them in locations she knew.
After this book fair we will only be doing 1 more before Christmas, and that is the Norwich one (date on our website ). We will hopefully be too busy despatching packages for peoples Christmas Presents, to be out doing too many book fairs.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Murder on the Sheringham/Holt Steam train

Being great fans of the traditional 'Who-dunnit', Jeff & I , along with our friends Annette & Ashley, decided we should join the murder mystery train last night at Sheringham, and investigate 'The curse of the mummy's tomb' - whilst in the best British Style eating a delicious four course dinner, with plenty of wine to aid our little grey cells.

The scene was set in 1923, with both actors and travellers dressed in an approximation of 1920's outfits. As is usual in these Agatha Christie type settings, many of the characters were of the nobility, with the addition of a vicar, an archaelogist and some glamourous ladies.

Needless to say a good time was had by all (see the photographs). The actors mingled amongst us, whilst we interogated them in depth. There were 2 murders - mild compared with midsummer I know - one on Holt platform, and another at Sheringham.

We thought we had done quite well - discovering lots of information about the characters involved - but come the end were still not sure of the murderer, there still being loose ends we could not tie up. However when Jeff filled in our form, he did indeed put down the correct murderer - the greedy Lady Molly - but we were not 'the winners' as we omitted to discover one essential clue - that she alone was the only person to have access to the dagger - the murder weapon. Back to the drawing board for us. We will have to polish up our investigative skills before we attempt it again.