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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Quick Update on Social Networking

I am only too well aware that I have been neglecting my blog once again. I don't intend to ignore it permanently - its just that once again, events have overtaken me - book fairs, a brief hospital session (nothing major), just life in general - life mainly equating to work. However I do try to keep in touch with both friends and customers via social network.  I had avoided facebook for a long time, thinking it was a bit daft - just telling people that you had gone out shopping etc. As usual, this was a matter of ignorance on my part, and I have found there is a great deal more to facebook if I had just taken the time and trouble to find out.  As usual, I haven't the time to explore it fully - I can get so easily side traced - there are so many interesting groups on there. Only today I got side tracked looking at one showing all sorts of interesting pictures and people sharing their memories of Wells-Next-the-Sea - one of my favourite walking places, and communities, under 10 miles from here.  Anyway, I digress, it is also a very handy place for me to drop into to let people know, in brief, just what I am up to, and what Peakirk Books are doing.  We have 2 site pages on there - but they are very much intertwined - mainly because when I find interesting articles I want to share with Peakirk Books people, I cant always manage to get them to go onto the Peakirk Books page - and they end up on the Heather Lawrence page.  (as ever my IT skills leave much to be desired). Thus it is always worth looking at both pages, as items are not always where they should be.

To find me on face book, my face book page is (or should be) -

the Peakirk Books page is (or should be

A 'like' on our Peakirk Books page is always appreciated. :-)

This is still the place for more in depth pieces, and I hope to have more time to write more for the blog again when time permits.  Until then, I hope to see you on facebook - oh, and I also tweet! Heather@peakirkbooks  think).