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Monday, 3 January 2011

Christmas tv & radio

Christmas on the television was mixed as usual but we did have some favourites. Strictly come dancing is a favourite of mine, and Jeff quite enjoys it too, so the final was a must - and I think the correct decision was made. Much as I loved Matt as a character, Kara was the better natural dancer and a joy to watch.

My favourite over the Christmas Season was - tucked away in the middle of the day - but on for 4 days - The Just William Series. The casting of William was inspired - Daniel Roche - better known for playing the younger boy, Ben, in Outnumbered. Daniel was William Brown - with his expressions, grumpiness, speeches about 'girls' (yuck) - the whole thing I felt was true to the books by Richmal Crompton. Martin Jarvis, so well known for his radio 'William' episodes has a place in these tv versions, gving a voice over type commentary, and the whole thing worked very well. I am just amazed that the BBC put this on in the middle of the day (we taped them and watched them in the evening) - but if you missed them, do keep a look out for repeats that are sure to come along at some time - they are very funny and not just for children. Needless to say we have lots of ~William books in stock on our site at

Christmas in Stibbard 2010

We ended up having a very quiet christmas this year.

Originally we were going to have a big family Christmas, but as the weather got colder & colder, and bearing in mind our parents are now quite elderly, and 2 out of 4 take blood thinning tablets that make you really feel the cold, it was cancelled at the last minute. Out house has storage heaters which arent the most effective - and it is also draughty, and a mutual decision was made that parents were better staying in their nice warm bungalows, and having christmas dinner our local to them siblings. This was very disappointing, but sensible, and left Jeff & I plus of course Henny & Poppy having a quiet Christmas here. We went to a local carol service in the village church on the Sunday before Christmas, and joined the group of carol singers that went a-carroling around the village one evening before Christmas - great fun in the snow in a festive atmosphere.

Jeff & I spent much of Christmas collapsed in a heap recovering from the busy pre christmas time. However this sudden empty space in our calendar which we happily filled with dog walking (with our friends at Holkham on boxing day and otherwise as a happy foursome) - and sitting by the fire watching television and reading. It was a lolvey peaceful Christmas and allowed us time to catch up with ourselves! We obviously still worked over the Christmas period - fortunately book orders still come rolling in (see our site at ) but we packed up earlier and snuggled by the log fire.


In the run up to Christmas things got very hectic - not only did we lose our telephone connection, we then lost our internet connection, causing chaos. This is a really busy time of year for us, and customers were sending their orders - still in time for the last Christmas post - well they should have been, but the Christmas post has been a whole different story this year. Anyhow - thanks to our lovely neighbours, Rob & Roxanne, who let us use their laptop at their house to help out - and who also tried to rig up a phone line, and then with more thanks to the second BT engineer who came and sorted things out for us, we eventually got our phone line back and then broadband back. Not the best time of year for this to happen. We are still having occasional phone problems - but that is now due to the new telephone we bought - to try and improve things - now not working, and having mucked the system up again. We think all is now well, and are awaiting a replacement telephone, but I say this with everything crossed - and if the snow comes again, who knows!