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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Heart of England Book Fair

On Sunday we had a stall at the Heart of England Book Fair. It took place at the National Motor Bike museum, which was a very good venue.

We arrived in a hotel in Birmingham on Saturday evening, as we needed to be at the venue at 7 oclock Sunday morning, and didn't want to drive through the night! (A long way from North Norfolk). We got set up in the heat, and sadly our room - there were two rooms for the event - was the one without air conditioning. I must say that Jeff did alot of the setting up, whilst I (Heather) went around with customers wants lists and did some buying. I managed to get a couple of items off a customers wants list which was satisfying, and also found a few books I wanted for stock. I always enjoy buying more than selling, its as well that Jeff is the opposite, or we would be totally broke!

The fair was extremely well organised, and the best part of 100 sellers attended. However there were a few things against it. It was the hottest day of the year, the England v Germany world cup football match was on, there was a Grand Prix taking place (Jeff had to tape it) - and it was the middle weekend of Wimbledon. Consequently there were not as many customers as we would have liked to see - not the fault of the organiser who worked extremely hard, just pure bad luck for us. Consequently we did not get the takings we would have hoped for, but nevertheless it was an extremely good fair. Our Gordon Setter friends had to go into kennels for the duration - however this is good for Henny who needs to learn that we go away - and then come back. The kennels, Waggtails, have had the dogs for a couple of day time visits, but this was the first overnight one. They told us that Henny, apart from being rather vocal, got on well - so she is starting to learn.

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