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Thursday, 8 July 2010

An eventful week.

The weather here has turned for the better, and so we have been enjoying th sunshine, whilst still toiling away at sorting out the books, still moving boxes around. The book room gets more organised daily (although a few shelves still need transporting from Peakirk to here, and fitting) - and why is it that books that are ordered are invariably in a box, at the bottom of a pile of boxes, not sitting nicely on shelves? Not strictly true - but it does feel like it.

Jeff's dad went into hospital nearly 2 weeks ago for an operation. He is 88, so it has been an anxious time for all the family. He is still there, and will be for quite a bit longer I think - but hopefully it will all work out for the best in the long run. Jeff decided to go and visit him, but I couldn't go as I had to'Henny Sit' - she still can't be left. As the hospital is in London, I suggested Jeff had a bit of a rest - something he doesn't often get - and go by train. He took my advice, and I think quite enjoyed the journey from Norwich to London. It was a slow train ride taking a couple of hours, but a chance for him to relax. However after sleepy Norfolk, London came as a culture shock, and I don't think he was sorry to get home again in the evening.

Over the weekend our fridge freezer broke down - the freezer part anyway - and as we hadn't noticed - this meant we had to throw away all the food inside. Now we have to decide whether to get it mended or buy a new one. We hope to do quite a transformation on our kitchen in a year or 2, so would prefer to have a quick mend for now until the kitchen is done, and then buy a new one. We will have to see just what the problem is.

On Sunday we had a day off - most unusual. We put the dogs in kennels for the day (they both seem happy there) and set off to Holt for the Vintage Transport Weekend held by the North Norfolk Railway. We went in the Singer gazelle Convertible, and parked up just by the steam railway station. It was a very well organised day, right down to the weather, and the railway had a newly renovated art deco train with quad articulated coaches running. We went on it into Sheringham, sat on the front and watched the people on the beach and the sea glistening whilst we ate our sandwiches, and then caught the train back again. We then spent a couple of hours sitting by the Singer - Jeff chatting to people wanting to discuss the car, and me with my head in a book. A lovely day.

Back to work on Monday - but the good weather continues. Brilliant. See pictures of our 'day out'

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