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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Beaches - Brancaster

Once again we (Jeff, I and our 2 gordon setters) met our friends Ashley & Annette, and their 2 Westies, and went walking on Brancaster beach yesterday evening. Ashley had checked the tides, and high tide had - seemingly, passed by the time we met at 6.15. There was still only a small amount of beach exposed, but enough for us to walk along. After a little while the rain began. As it got heavier we thought we better turn round and go back. Then the thunder & lightening started. Fortunately none of us were too worried about this - but we did get very wet. It was lovely to see the rain beating against the cliffs.
As we got back to the car, another walker told us that the road into the beach was flooded with the sea - high tide seemed to have come late - and that we wouldnt be able to leave for another hour as cars couldn't get in or out. The eight of us walked down to look, and the sea had definitely come in across the road. Ashley walked through the water in the road to see just how deep it got (he was the only one wearing wellington boots) accompanied by Henny, who thought the adventure was much more interesting than staying with us.
After about half an hour we decided that the water level was low enough for the cars to get through.

Definitely a Famous Five type adventure for the eight of us! Sadly no one had brought the ginger beer.

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  1. Yes, we certainly did get VERY wet. Have never seen waves like it at Brancaster - it was more like Cornwall! - Maybe we should be known as the Eccentric Eight!!