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Friday, 5 November 2010

Harrogate Childrens Book Fair

The Childrens (& Crime) book fair in Harrogate last weekend was great as ever. Someone commented to me that this was an unusual mix of subjects - but nor really as it happens. There are several authors who wrote in both genre - Gladys Mitchell being a prime example, and many more. I don't know why the two tend to sit side by side - although these are the 2 book fields that interest me both. I know that when I was growing up I went straight from Enid Blyton to Agatha Christie - although this was partly because these were the two authors most prevalent in our local branch library! The love of both of these genres has stayed with me until the present day.
It was good to speak to a multitude of customers at the fair, seeing many regulars, but also introducing ourselves to some customers who we had only sold to over the internet, hopefully the won't have been frightened off meeting us in the flesh, and meeting some potentially new customers. There seemed fewer exhibitors than last time, but I know a couple pulled out at the last minute for personal reasons.
I always enjoy this specialist book fair - whether it be in Harrogate or Bath. I love seeing all the gorgeous books laid out - childrens books are often really well illustrated, and most attractive to look at. Even after all these years I still feel a rush of excitement as I see such lovely books displayed.
As we were going to view a collection of books on the Sunday, we stayed over in Harrogate on the Saturday night and it was lovely to have dinner with some customers turned friends in the evening. This is another great aspect of selling childrens books - you meet great people and several become friends.

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