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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Developments Afoot!

I wrote a little while ago about our possible development into selling vintage toys.  Well, things never go quite as you expect. My mind has been floating around - as it does, exploring various options, and I have been chatting to people, and have eventually settled on a variation on a theme.

To start with, I wish to reassure all my loyal customers - Peakirk Books is safe and going nowhere. My new little venture is purely an add on. I love Peakirk Books and all it entails - the children's books especially are my passion, and between us Jeff and I really enjoy what we do.  To be honest Jeff and I have plenty to keep us busy, but unfortunately, with the recession, the advent of of ebooks, and the development of cheap and cheerful mega listers, times are much harder for us, as they are for many small businesses.   Thus, so as not to rest on our laurels and to add another string to our bow, (metaphors are such fun) I have joined together with another female seller in the development of a small business, with the aim of selling interesting ephemera, both adult & Juvenile.  For those of you unfamiliar with ephemera it is quite an elusive subject, but essentially is Transitory & printed matter, that was never really meant to be kept, and takes in a whole range of items - for example greetings cards, brochures, advertising materials, posters, leaflets, letters, photographs, bookmarks, - the list goes on. We will be quite broad in our collection so as to take in old jigsaws etc as we both like childrens' materials/toys - it just depends what appears.

My partner in this venture may be known to some, as she already sells some ephemera on ebay. Her name is Annette York and sells on ebay.  She lives in Norfolk too, just as well really, so we plan to go out together ephemera hunting (as well as book hunting obviously) and then we will sell the ephemera jointly on ebay, as well as at local fairs and see how it develops.  I will find it interesting to learn about this 'new to me' field. I have seen some of Annette's Ephemera purchases when we have been to auctions and must admit to finding them extremely interesting, which did get my nose twitching initially.

Anyhow, we are currently at the initial stages of setting up the business - all the practical boring bits have to be gone through - registering, setting up bank accounts etc etc. before we can get to the interesting bit.  Once we actually start trading I will announce the name and update any readers out there, with our progress!  Are we mad doing this in a recession? Who knows.


  1. Read your news which came in this morning, about your new venture, and I wish you well with it. One has to diversify these days and toys seem a very good wary forward! All good wishes,
    Margaret P

  2. Hi Margaret - Thanks for your good wishes - but if you read to the end, toys will be just a tiny bit of it - we will mainly be dealing with ephemera - printed matter, rather than toys. I do love the toys, and the occasional ones will slip in - especially in the form of cards - printed toys - but our ephemera will not just be childrens - but ephemera will cover items right across the age range! It is very exciting for us. Heather