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Friday, 29 June 2012

Baby Fairies

I wonder very much, don't you,
What little baby fairies do
When all the mother Fairies go 
To dance upon the green, you know?

Are they not lonely by themselves,
These darling little baby elves?
And do they ever cry and fret,
Or into dreadful mischief get?

But then, of course, 'tis understood
That baby fairies are always good;
Yet, when their sleepy time is near,
They must be cross and tired I fear.

I shouldn't be surprised, should you,
If there are fairy nurses, too,
Who take these little sleepy heads
And put them into tiny beds?

A bluebell or forget-me-not
Would make the sweetest fairy cot;
A pretty leaf, of green or brown,
Might answer for an eider-down

I'd love to see these babies lie,
And hear their nurses 'hush-a-bye'
While all the twinkling starlets peep
To watch the baby fairies sleep.

Helen Stewart in Our kiddies Fairy Star

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