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Monday, 25 March 2013

Apologies for my absence, but now I'm back!

It's been a while - a long while, since I last posted. Over 6 months - and an extremely 6 months for me.  I can only apologise to anyone who does take the time to read my updates, but my life got rather over taken by family matters, and my mum being ill, and living over 4 hours away, meant that I had rather a job keeping on top of just exisiting and keeping our main business and my little extra business running, let alone other extras like blogging. Something had to give, and it was blogging, tweeting and other such things that gave (along with Christmas, holidays and other such niceties). However, despite poor old mum having a very rough time, being hospitalised for a long time, and having a long recuparation period, I am pleased to say she is home again.  I can't say she is totally well, but probably as good as she will get, and at least managing to live at home for now, which is what she desperately wanted - as did my dad. So for now, life is calmer.  I am not 'on the move' as much - well other than treking about to book fairs as usual, and things are on a more even keel. We will all enjoy that for now and hope it lastsd a while until the next crisis occurs - which it inevitably will.

During this period book matters inevitably continued. Recently we heard of the sad death of James Herbert, the renowned author of Horror books.  Personally I have never enjoyed being scared out of my wits whilst reading a books (or watching a film for that matter), but fully appreciate many people do enjoy this genre, and that James Herbert was quite a master of this style. Thus he will inevitably be a great loss to the people who loved his books.
Other notable authors that died during my 'absence' include Dr. Han Suyin (November 2),Crime writer Margaret Yorke (November 17th), British astronomer Sir Patrick Moore (December 9th) - who of course wrote several childrens books, fiction as well as fact, as well as his astronomy for adults.Creator of the Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson (December 26th) and of course Jan Ormerod, author and illustrator of many books for young children (January 23rd).

My 'other' little business of ephemera is going from strength to strength I am pleased to say. Annette and I - Words Gone By, have a regular stand at the Norwich Flea Market once a month at St Andrews which is a great little antiques & collectors fair. It has a good atmosphere, and there are always lots of potential customers through the door. We have quite a few 'regular' customers now, and really enjoy it.  We are looking forward now to the weather improving so that we can re start our stall on Faken Market on a Thursday.  Our stock doesnt mix well with rain and wind, so we have to wait for brighter days, but as soon as we see spring arriving we shall be back.

The book fairs have been busy as usual. This year we have already been to York, Cambridge  and Harrogate, and Jeff will be off to Stamford shortly.  He can do this one alone, as it is only a 1 day fair, which means the doggies do not have to go into kennels or have dog sitters here, I can stay with them.

Anyhow - that is our last 6 months - in brief, and from here on, I will do my best to keep up - providing no more emergencies come to call.

Keeping Fingers firmly crossed

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  1. I just called in to Twitter and noticed your Tweet so came over to say welcome back. I always enjoy reading your blog posts.