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Monday, 3 January 2011

Christmas tv & radio

Christmas on the television was mixed as usual but we did have some favourites. Strictly come dancing is a favourite of mine, and Jeff quite enjoys it too, so the final was a must - and I think the correct decision was made. Much as I loved Matt as a character, Kara was the better natural dancer and a joy to watch.

My favourite over the Christmas Season was - tucked away in the middle of the day - but on for 4 days - The Just William Series. The casting of William was inspired - Daniel Roche - better known for playing the younger boy, Ben, in Outnumbered. Daniel was William Brown - with his expressions, grumpiness, speeches about 'girls' (yuck) - the whole thing I felt was true to the books by Richmal Crompton. Martin Jarvis, so well known for his radio 'William' episodes has a place in these tv versions, gving a voice over type commentary, and the whole thing worked very well. I am just amazed that the BBC put this on in the middle of the day (we taped them and watched them in the evening) - but if you missed them, do keep a look out for repeats that are sure to come along at some time - they are very funny and not just for children. Needless to say we have lots of ~William books in stock on our site at

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