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Monday, 28 February 2011

Henrietta Stays for Good

Not that it was ever in doubt (I would have had a physical punch up if it had come to it, as there is no way I could part with her now!!) but Henny's 'social worker' as we knick-named him - or Paul & Pam Woodhouse to give them their proper names, the representatives from United Gordon Setter rescue came to pay Henny her final visit to ensure all was well on Saturday, and to sign her off into our permanent care, so I am pleased to say Henny is now well and truly our adopted dog. They came armed both with some nice doggy treats, which Poppy shared in, and with their newest Gordon setter in their car - an 11 month old Gordon setter - Domino - who stayed in the car for some of the visit, but had a little run around in the garden on her own so we could meet her. She is, needless to say, adorable - and seemed very grown up for 11 months old.
We intend to meet on the beach sometime, so that their 3 Gordon setters can meet our 2, and there is plenty of space for them all to run around together.

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  1. I am so envious! I love all your 'photos - especially the doggy ones.