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Monday, 28 February 2011

We have been hibernating

The long long winter has, I think, been causing us to largely hibernate, and thus our blog has got neglected. Lesson to self - I must do better. What a long cold miserable winter it has been, and thank goodness the winter is nearly ending. March begins tommorrow. Hurrah. We have had the builders with us for the last month, and the house is slowly transforming into the shape we would prefer it to be in. We are doing the house transformation in stages - due to financial constraints - but the first stage is the largest. The front door is moving, a new hall is being instated, the main reception room is growing, the kitchen is gaining another door, we are having a new porch, the downstairs bathroom is shrinking, we are having a new window put through a wall, plus several windows replaced - some internal walls moved - not just a few cosmetic changes. When the builders eventually leave us, there will be an awful lot of decorating to do, but it will all be worth it - in our opinion obviously. When chatting to some local villagers it was interesting to hear that we are actually putting the front door back to where it used to be - and it also used to have a little porch, much as we plan to have built. What goes around comes around!

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