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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ronald Searle

It was with some sadness that I heard today of the death of Ronald Seale, the brilliant cartoonist, famously associated with St Trinians and who also provided illustrations for the Molesworth series, written by Geoffrey Willans. Searle's work also regularly appeared in magazines and newspapers, including Punch and The New Yorker. His work was award winning.

Only a couple of days ago Jeff & I chortled over a St Trinians film during the Christmas holidays, and were discussing Ronald Searle.  A year or so ago he became a customer of mine for a short while, when he was looking for some abbey school titles for a friend of his in France. When I saw his French address, I had to ask if he was THE Ronald Searle, and he told me that indeed he was, and was friendly and chatty.  I was impressed that a man of his age was not phased by using the internet (and really not surprised that a man such as he would be), and it was a pleasure to get the books. I am honoured that just for the briefest of time our lives touched. RIP.

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