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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

All our Books in Stibbard!

Today we collected the last batch of the books from Peakirk, and took them home to Stibbard - this is the last of the 26,000+ books we had to move to continue our book selling business, All we need to do now is remove the shelves, transport them here and put them in the new book room. This will hopefully be done shortly. Then we unpack all the carefully labelled boxes and return them to the shelves. Until then, to find the books we have orders for, Jeff will continue having to move boxes around until her finds them - a laborious task, that I am sure he will be pleased to see the back of.

I have just remebered however that we have not actually moved all of them. We still have lots more, as yet uncatalogued, sitting in a friends barn, in Peakirk. They will also have to be loaded up and transported down here. Oh well - we are nearly there anyway.

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