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Friday, 26 March 2010

Book Pricing

Amazon have announced a new pricing policy which dictates that anyone selling books through their website - people such as us - have to price each book at the same, or a lower price, than on any other non physical selling channel ie any internet source. Consequently if we wished to advertise any of our stock cheaper on our own website, we could not do so if we still wish to sell through amazon. We need the amazon sales to stay in business - but it doesnt seem fair that they are dictating just how much we can sell our books for on our own site! Comments welcome.


  1. This seems very bizarre - I wonder what has prompted it? Is it "Price-fixing" by any other name??

  2. Book sellers fighting back in Scotland - see the article:

  3. To see more on this go to:

  4. Another example of a multi-national company putting the squeeze on independent traders who seek to provide a real service. Why can't they accept what is presumably an already respectable profit for doing little more than provide access to their name and search facilities, rather than inflate profits for nameless shareholders? Surely if the small shops go under because they can't determine how much they sell their own stock for then Amazons profits will fall as well. Perhaps the introduction of your own loyalty card giving 5% off advertised price would help and not breach Amazon's rules? Rant over! PS love the van!