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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Golly Gordon Setter update

Well, despite being very wobbly on his legs, Golly is hanging in and still enjoying life. We can tell - he still loves his food - dinner, treats and bones.
Poor Old Golly only has 1 decent leg out of 4, and so his 'walking' style is most peculiar - reminiscent of Spotty Dog in the Wooden Tops. He collapses regularly, but just sits and waits to be rescued, without any apparent distress. Today he managed to get right down our drive to look out the gates at the world going by. He loves seeing what is going on. We obviously wouldn't keep him alive if he was showing signs of distress, that would be selfish, but as long as he appears to be enjoying life, he carries on. Poppy meanwhile wonders why he isn't running around as usual, but accepts it in the way dogs do.

I am also wobbling round, but that is the BPPV! I can now stand without falling over, unless I move my head up, down or side to side too quickly, when the world spins. Both Golly & I ended up in a heap on the grass yesterday - he having fallen, followed by me bending down to try and rescue him, and ending up on the floor next to him. Jeff came to the rescue.

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