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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Good Bonnie

A friend of mine lost her dog, Bonnie, recently, to that big Doggie heaven in the sky. Both she and I have been through this several times, and it doesn't get any easier.  Each time it is a different dog that you have formed a relationship with, and you have loved. Each time their passing is very very painful, and the pain feels as if it will never pass - but in time it does dull.

 I was looking through a book called Mother's Stories and saw a short piece called 'Good Bonnie' about a dog called Bonnie, and as my friend's dog was called Bonnie, albeit a girl dog, whereas the dog in the story is a boy,  I thought I would reproduce it here, in tribute to Bonnie - who was a gorgous chocolate Labrador. Rest Peacefully Bonnie.

Good Bonnie.

'Bertie Bingles had been taught to say her prayers every night.

Bonnie did not know what she did when she knelt down beside her little bed so quietly; but he wondered.   And because she wouldn't take any notice of him when he whined the little brown and grey dog climbed right up her back one evening.  And there he stayed till she said Amen.

Gertie did not want to hit him, so she scolded him the same as mummy did her when she has been naughty, and the next night she told him to sit inside the door. And Bonnie did, and no one, not even Gertie's parents, could get him to move whilst their little girl was saying her prayers.

Wasn't Bonnie a good dog?'

Times may change - Dogs still stay loyal friends to humans!


  1. I feel for your friend. I hope Bonnie is in heaven with Albe, Patch, Kelly and Rosie (our three lovely boys and one girl). It’s strange, I was dreaming about them last night. They were racing around a beautiful meadow, but as soon as they saw me at the gate they came bounding over. Not sure what it all meant, but it was lovely to be with them again – maybe I’m not long for this world!!!

    1. I'm sure that isn't the interpretation of your dream (at least I hope not!)I should think it's more to do with happy memories of times gone by Barbara. I like to think I might meet up with my old doggy chums again one day - may be wishful thinking, but I can dream.

  2. You never know we might both meet up with our doggy chums (and each other) in that meadow. We would recognise one another because we would both be carrying a pile of books!