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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Words About Books

Words about Books - Taken from 'Early Days' a Magazine/Journal published in 1891 - (January Issue, we have the bound years volume for sale on our website for 15.00GBP).

'It is often worse to read bad books than it is to keep company with bad boys.  Actions grow out of thoughts, and a bad book can in a few minutes injure us for ever.

One of England's greatest and best men says that , when a boy, another boy lent him a bad book for just fifteen minutes.  It sent a deadly dart to his soul. He never could get away from the vile impression made upon his mind by that book in so short a time.  He shed many  bitter tears over it, and tried to forget it; but the shadow lingered.  God forgave him; but he could not tear from his soul the memory of that evil book.

My young friends, if you will hear the voice of age and wisdom, do not read the bad and trashy books and papers. They feed unholy thoughts, and lure to dark deeds.  They poison the mind and corrupt the morals.  If you fill your mind with rubbish, there will be neither room nor relish for the choice gold of truth and the diamond dust of pure thought........'

 Well - if that doesn't warn you nothing will!  I trust none of the books Peakirk Books sell come under the category of Bad Books!

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