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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

On a more cheerful Note ......

The same publication of the bound Early Days  has a nice 'Welcome to Spring' which we need after the winter time. I for one am looking forward to the thought of spring time now - even though it hasn't been such a hard winter this year - mind you, my fingers are still tightly crossed, I am well ready for spring days, flowers and days in the garden.

A welcome to Spring by Rev Julius Spring - 1891

O! Shout, ye merry children, the smiling spring is here
Its brightest blessings bringing the waiting earth to cheer
The winter's icy sceptre is broken once again
And glory of the spring time is flooding hill and plain

The cuckoo's call is sounding, the lark is soaring high
And trilling out it's anthems to bless the earth and sky
And buttercups and daisies are blooming o'er the sod
The treasures of the children, the handywork of God

O! come ye where the woodlands with birds' sweet carols sing
And listen to the welcomes out-warbled to the spring
O come ye where the meadows are gay with green and gold
And gather of the glory as much as hands can hold.

But, better still let winter be banished from within
And let the heart's long springtime in brightness now begin
By summer time succeeded, with all its hold in store
Then golden harvest reaping in heaven for ever more.

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